Over the past twenty years the Résidence National has been offering the ideal "homes away from home"; a choice of twenty-five differently sized ‘serviced residences’ for short as well as long term stays. The apartments are situated at the west wing of the building known as the Grand Hotel National, which is one of the most traditional and finest hotels in Switzerland. The Résidence National serves a domestic and regional as well as a widely international clientele. The Résidence National is also the headquarter address for NATIONAL RESIDENCES (please refer to the 'contact' section).
Join the network of NATIONAL RESIDENCES
The 2011/2012 edition of NATIONAL RESIDENCES is a global edition and new member residences joined from world destinations like London, Dubai, Moscow, New York, Hong Kong and Singapore. The membership includes a two-page entry in the directory as well as an entry on the website www.nationalresidences.com. Please refer to the 'contact' section for further information.
Visions for future developments
Besides the expansion of the collection and network of NATIONAL RESIDENCES, works have started for an online booking module that will be attached to the NATIONAL RESIDENCES website. The booking engine will be able to process real-time availability of each member as well as confirm bookings including secured credit card transactions for down payments and deposits if required.
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